Edge Pro Gaming

EDGE is the gaming line of Oregon Aero Inc.

Oregon Aero is a manufacturer of aviation and military components. Since 1989 we've been making headsets more comfortable for pilots, helmets more comfortable for military personnel, and high tech seating systems for the Department of Defense. Recently we found out that there are millions of people who are subject to the same symptoms of discomfort experienced by aviators, military, and law enforcement professionals...GAMERS.

Just like pilots and soldiers, gamers spend countless hours wearing uncomfortable headsets that were designed with performance in mind and comfort often as just an afterthought. We adapted our products to meet this need and provide a level of comfort for gamers they have never experienced before.

We called it EDGE, which stands for Extended Duration Gaming Equipment, and set out to find our place in the industry. We were met with an overwhelming appreciation of our product design and welcomed with open arms by the community. We are proud to say that we are 100% made in the USA and the proud supporters of Team FeaR.