Edge Pro Gaming

The Omega Plus Gaming Headset Upgrade kit is the Flagship of the EDGE gaming line by Oregon Aero.

The EDGE Upgrade kit consists of the SoftTop® Headset Cushion, which is made from aviation-grade 100% plush sheepskin wool with a leather backing and military spec Velcro fastener. It is designed to replace the existing cushion at the top of your headset. Each individual fiber of the sheepskin wool on the SoftTop Cushion supports some of the weight of the headset and spreads the weight evenly over the top of your head, making the headset feel lighter overall.

Our SoftSeal® Ear Cushions are made with heat-activated visco-elastic confor foam and are wrapped in a soft leatherette material. We made the ear cushions larger so they fit all the way around your ears. None of the cushion is actually touching your ear and causing discomfort. As the cushions warm to your body temperature, they form a seal around your ears. No noise gets in and less sound escapes. Since they are designed to conform to the sides of your head, if you wear glasses or earrings you will notice a significant increase in comfort compared to your stock cushions.

Our products are designed for pilots and military personnel; people who have to wear headsets for many hours at a time and need to be comfortable in order to focus on their jobs. We have adapted this technology for gamers and the results include increased focus, enhanced gameplay, and improved immersion.