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What's So Great About Esports SoftSeat™ Cushions?

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Completely Customizable!


Different Thicknesses -- for different needs.  All SoftSeat™ Cushion Bases measure 18" wide across the front, 15" wide across the back, and 17 1/2" from front to back through the center of the cushion.  Forget what you know about seat cushions!  Comfort level and impact protection are the same with each thickness of the SoftSeat™ Cushion Base.  In some cases, you may actually sit higher than if you were sitting on a conventional cushion, but this depends on your usual posture, the firmness of the original cushion and the underlying seat structure.  Customers should make their selection based on being raised the height of the SoftSeat™ Cushion Base.

Fabric and Custom Embroidery!  Each SoftSeat™ is completely customizable allowing you to personalize it with artistic designs through custom embroidery as well as different fabric colors to match your personal preference.





See What Others Are Saying About Our SoftSeats™


"As gamers, we spend countless dollars and hours building and tweaking our rigs to squeeze just a few more frames per second. We will buy the latest gear for faster more comfortable typing, and smoother and more responsive mice. We get bigger screens that are easier on the eyes. We do all of this because we love gaming. But there is an unsung hero that has stuck with us through every upgrade, through every dungeon, and every level of the battlefield. We never give them a second thought. I'm talking about our backsides, our "bumpers", our... call them what you will. All of those hours gaming can really take a toll on your rump, and lower back. Even the most comfortable chair, will feel like a torture rack eventually. As a long time attendee who has seen lots of changes over the years, one thing about PDXLAN that has always remained the same are those gold and burgundy chairs, with their tired cushions and slightly askew legs. I started bringing my own repurposed patio cushion from home, which helped some, but I would still find my tailbone failing asleep on the job.

That's where Oregon Aero comes in. As a new sponsor to PDXLAN 23, I was very interested in who they were, and what they made. Turns out, they are huge in the aviation industry. They make OEM seats, headset padding, and other items designed specifically for folks who spend a lot of time sitting, like pilots. I read over their website, and when Vector announced custom embroidered seat cushions, I was more than interested. At first I had a bit of sticker shock of the price, and then over time I realized I have spent more than that during steam sales, on games that I have never even installed. I decided to take the jump and order one. The ordering process for the PDXLAN seats was handled via a quick call and a follow up email. Michelle with Oregon Aero was awesome to work with. She asked me what color of stitching I wanted (I went red), and even asked about having my handle added to the cushion. Of course I did! I was assured my order would be waiting for me at my seat when I arrived, and it was. I even got a pleasant surprise, by having pre-ordered before the event, I had been entered for a chance to win my order free, and I had won!

Ok, so on to the review. The SoftSeat cushion is extremely well made. It is also quite a bit heavier and denser than I was expecting, which is a very good thing. The cushion foam is a very dense viscoelastic, or "memory" foam. This is the same stuff NASA created back in the 60's for the aerospace industry. The cover is made of a very thick upholstery fabric. The stiching of the custom logo and handle is a very nice touch. This product should last a very long time. One small touch I like, is the addition of rubberized non skid strips on the bottom, and a small carry strap on the back of the cushion. After settling into my seat and having gotten a few hours into it, I realized just how comfortable it was. This is not a thick cushy couch cushion that you immediately feel, but more like a custom molded racing seat that gradually fits like a glove. After talking with the OregonAero reps, I asked what the small zipper along the back edge was for; they showed me they had a removable back lumbar rest that can be added. They had one in stock, so I purchased it at the lan. I am so glad I did, the back rest, was just what I needed to make it a near perfect product. I do wish the backrest would stay up, when I stood up, as it would flip forward. For those of you that are on the fence, I would highly recommend getting one. Overall, I would give it an 8.5 out of 10.

Pros: Very high quality memory foam, thick wear resistant cover, upgradable back rest, personalization
Cons: Initial cost (worth every penny, in the long run), back rest flips down when you stand up. Not a flotation device!"


- Matthew "JeepMcMuddy" Brown